Review Policy

I read and enjoy most genres. 

What I will NOT review:
-Children's books (ages 8 and under)
-Political/military thriller type books
-Religious books
-Harlequin type romance
-Most non-fiction (exceptions are made based on the subject matter)
-Books over 800 pages
-Books in a series that are not the first of the series unless I have read the previous book(s) or you provide them for me

I require either mobi/kindle format or hard copy versions of books. 

I generally require around 30 days to complete a review. It varies though depending on how many submissions I have at any given time. Depending on the book and the situation I can make exceptions if there is a time limit involved. 

I will always give my honest personal opinions of your work. If I end up not loving the book I will never be insulting or disrespectful. 

I post all reviews written for my blog on amazon, goodreads, and Barnes & noble as well. 

Please email me with any questions at

You can submit your books for review here

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