Thursday, February 6, 2014

Book Cracker Caroline T-Shirts & Mugs for Sale for a Limited Time!

You can now buy your very own Book Cracker Caroline mug and/or T-Shirt! I will be accepting orders through February 10th and payments can only be accepted through PayPal. Sadly I can only afford to ship domestically so this is a US only sale. If you are outside of the US & really want one I can ship them, but I have to ask that you pay for the shipping as well. T-Shirts cost $5, mugs cost $6, or you can get both for $10. The T-Shirts come in men's sizes S-XXL. To place your order simply fill out and submit the form below. I'm really excited about the shirts and mugs! They look GREAT and I know you will love them!! <3


Mug (Front):

Mug (Back):

Order Form:

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