Thursday, July 18, 2013

Veronica Mars rocks!! Plus Giveaway!!!

I love the show Veronica Mars so much. I watched the whole show years ago and now that the movie is in production I'm re-watching the whole thing. I am aware that this is a book blog and Veronica Mars is not a book, but part of what made Veronica Mars as good as it was is the writing. And this is my blog and I can do whatever I want! Mwahahahaha...
Alright, now that my evil laughter is out of my system I will go over some of the reasons I love this show so much. There are the obvious reasons: the amazing writing, the unpredictable storylines, the talented actors (in both major roles and guest appearances), and the unique characters. All of those things were key parts of the show's awesomeness, but what I want to focus on are the relationships of this show. There are a few, that in my mind, are the heart and soul of the show (all of which just happen to include Veronica).
The first relationship I want to talk about is Veronica and Lily Kane. Even though Lily Kane was already dead at the beginning of the show, this was the relationship that started Veronica down the road to who she is. The death of Lily (Veronica's best friend played by Amanda Seyfried) was the major mystery of the first season and the reason for Veronica's outcast status and obsession with justice that led her to being our favorite teenage P.I.. Not only was this relationship important and key to the story and Veronica's character, but it was also realistic, touching, and sweet.
The next key relationship is Veronica and Wallace. Wallace was the new kid who befriended Veronica and always had her back through the entire series. After Lily died Veronica was outcast from all of her former friends and alone. Wallace got into some trouble with the PCH gang and was left taped to a pole naked the morning of his first day of school at Neptune High. Veronica cut him down and helped him with his problems with the gang. They were inseparable from then on and he was her constant partner in crime, or I guess the opposite of crime, for the most part.
It's impossible to list my favorite Veronica Mars relationships without including Logan Echolls. Oh, Logan. Out of Veronica's different romantic relationships Logan was always my favorite. The on again off again relationship between the two always stuck out to me as the most important, romantic-wise. After all of her relationships it always came back to Logan. He started out as the douchebag, bad boy, rich kid who used to date Lily and enjoyed making Veronica's life hell in the beginning. He grew though in so many ways, probably more than any other character on the show. Logan Echolls will always be one of my favorite fictional boyfriend characters.
And finally, at the heart of it all, last but not least, we have Veronica and Keith Mars. Now I have a pretty cool dad and I love him dearly, but there is not a person alive who could watch Keith and Veronica together and not be a little bit jealous. They are so incredible together and Keith is a super hero as far as I'm concerned. He loves Veronica so much and he is so good and honorable in everything he does. He is self-deprecating and incredibly protective of those he loves, especially Veronica. There would be no Veronica Mars without that perfect relationship that is Keith and Veronica.
And now that I rambled on about how much and why I love Veronica Mars so much I am going to give away an ebook; Neptune Noir.
"Neptune Noir" is a collection of essays on the hit drama "Veronica Mars," and is not authorized by CW, the creators or producers of "Veronica Mars," or any entity associated with the show. More than just a high school drama, "Veronica Mars" is a smart and savvy teen detective show that offers complex mysteries and rapier wit, engaging social commentary, and noir sensibilities--with the occasional murder thrown in for good measure. This collection, edited by the creator and executive producer of the show, offers supreme insight into the class struggles and love stories of the series. Essays by top writers intelligently address a multitude of questions, such as "Is Veronica a modern-day vigilante? Why is a show that features rape, potential incest, and a teen girl outsmarting local authorities so popular with America's conservative population? "and "Why is Veronica and Logan's relationship the most important story-driving factor in the show?


  1. Veronica Mars is my favorite.. and not just cuz we share the same name lol! Love the show :)

    ~Veronica Vasquez~