Friday, January 17, 2014

Cover Reveal: Angela Graham's 'Indulge'

    Logan West’s life is anything but ideal. Mindless sex, tedious business ventures, and the occasional poker game keep him occupied, but he only lives for one thing: fatherhood.
    Oliver, Logan’s three-year-old son, is his entire world. Raising him alone, Logan finds his only joy in spending time giving Oliver the childhood he deserves. But every other weekend, he allows himself the chance to live as a man—a man with deeper desires. Logan knows what he likes, what he wants, and what he needs. He has no interest in dating and believes there’s no risk worth taking for romance, but his casual sexual escapes rarely leave him satisfied.
     It takes an unexpected decision from his sister Julia and a road trip to the small town of Harmony with his best friend, Caleb, to open Logan’s eyes to new opportunities outside his programmed world. It's not what he expects, but Logan’s always looking to indulge.

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