Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cover Reveal: Jessica Wood's 'Taming Damian'

Taming Damian by Jessica Wood
Release Date: February 2014


She destroyed me. Can I still love her?
Damian Castillo is the man, the legend, the heartbreaker—the self-proclaimed man-whore that doesn’t believe in love or commitment. That is until he meets Alexis Blythe—the innocent, strong-willed small town girl who didn’t immediately give into Damian’s charm. With Alexis, Damian sees something more than just hot, no-strings-attached sex, and against his inner resistance, he gives into his feelings for her.
But just when their relationship begins to bloom, something unexpected threatens to break them apart. Will Damian leave Alexis and go back to his playboy ways and break yet another heart? Or will Damian’s love for Alexis be strong enough to convince him to stay and fight for a woman that’s like no other he’s ever met before?

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